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Akatherm logoBenefits of HDPE

Akatherm HDPE is a versatile thermoplastic polymer with many performance benefits. Its overall toughness, flexibility and low temperature impact resistance make it ideal for pipe systems.

HDPE has a high resistance against acids, bases and aqueous salt-solutions and below 60°C it is practically unsolvable in organic solutions. The chemical resistance of HDPE makes it perfect for standard soil and waste systems. HDPE has a good resistance against light ionised radiation without becoming radioactive itself.

The table below lists all the benefits of the HDPE properties.

Impact-resistant and tough


Unbreakable temperatures > 5ºC



Suitable for underground pipes through adjustment to local ground movement

Thermal resistant Application possible between -40ºC and 100ºC
Smooth internal wall Low blockage risk due to low deposit/residue effects
Wear resistant Lower costs due to relatively long life
Weather resistant/UV resistant 
Application in open air unrestricted through colouring with carbon black
Chemical resistant Suitable for transport of polluted waste water
Poor heat conductivity No condensation during short periods of cooling
Recyclable Environmentally friendly


Highly suitable for welding Easy installation using butt-welding and electrofusion techniques
Homogeneous welded joints End load resistant and leak proof
Prefabrication Reduces on-site installation time
Light in weight Cost-saving in transport and handling